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THIS IS HOLLAND Entrance Ticket
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THIS IS HOLLAND Entrance Ticket
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  • Engage in 4 different shows: The Netherlands in the past, The Netherlands of today, Flight Experience, and Holland Lounge

  • Explore major attractions in the Netherlands like Amsterdam canals, the Wadden Sea, the Veluwe and more during the 9-minutes 5D flight experience

  • Stimulate your senses and get the real feeling of flying with special effects like wind, fog, thunderstorms, and smells

  • Visit THIS IS HOLLAND and get a unique 5D experience of exploring the Netherlands

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Must Know Before You Go
  • The aforementioned shows at THIS IS HOLLAND is available in Dutch or English. Subtitles in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese are available on request.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the venue. Service animals with valid identification are an exception.
  • Taking photos and videos of the show is strictly prohibited. Any person caught illegally photographing or recording the event will be dealt with by the venue's security.
  • This activity is not recommended for pregnant women, senior citizens, or individuals with medical conditions like high blood pressure, epilepsy, etc.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at the time of arrival.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time arrival.
  • Bags should be stored at the locker near the entrance.
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Ever dreamed of flying over the Netherlands? Then, This is Holland flying experience is for you. A one of a kind 5D flight experience, This is Holland Amsterdam offers you a chance to fly and soak in stunning bird’s eye views of some of the most iconic attractions in the Netherlands, including the famous Amsterdam canals, the Wadden Sea as well as the Veluwezoom, among others. Complete with special effects like fragrance, wind and mist, this experience is sure to stimulate all your senses, in addition to making you feel like you are flying in reality.

The total This is Holland activity lasts for around an hour, and includes four main parts, including a 9-minute 5D flight experience, which is a highlight of this experience. In addition to gaining an aerial perspective on a flight simulation ride while also enjoying views of Holland’s attraction with a ticket to this experience, you can also avail several combo tickets for an even better and memorable adventure.

Some of the popular combo packages available with this Holland Amsterdam include an Amsterdam canal cruise, and a city tour of Amsterdam. From getting a chance to fly like a bird, to seeing the canals, fields, and other stunning places in the Netherlands from a unique vantage point, this experience is sure to make your visit to Amsterdam worth the while.

Making of THIS IS HOLLAND Experience

Exclusive Movie Images
Exclusive Movie Images

This is holland Amsterdam experience was made for two years, when the makers of the 5D flight activity flew with a helicopter throughout the Netherlands. The helicopter flew at a distance of 8 metres above the ground, and had a special camera with a fisheye lens attached to its bottom. This helped the makers to capture all of the different seasons in the country, in addition to the wide array of weather conditions like rain and wind. They even took into account the position of the sun throughout the year and thereafter collected some of the most exclusive and beautiful images of around 22 locations in the country, which were then included in This is Holland experience.

Special Permission
Special Permission

In order to make This is Holland a successful experience, the makers also received special permission from the different authorities in the country, including several nature organisations as well as municipalities. These special permissions were necessary, since that would allow the makers to come up with some of the most exclusive images of famous attractions of the country, including the Amsterdam Canals, skaters skating on natural ice, the stunning Tulip fields and a myriad of other traditional scenes from the daily lives of the Dutch. Once collected, all of these images were used in the 5D flight experience.

Original Music
Original Music

This is Holland also includes a unique and original piece of music which was used especially for the film images, and was composed by famous composer and producer René Merkelbach. This original music was performed and perfected by a 40-piece orchestra and is played as you enjoy an adventure though the spectacular film images during your flight.

THIS IS HOLLAND Flight Experience

This Is Holland Flight Experience

A unique and multi-sensory experience, quite different from the other popular attractions in the city, This is Holland offers you a chance to indulge in the ultimate flight experience in a short time. In addition to getting an aerial perspective on a flight simulation ride, you can also discover the serene and tranquil rural highlands of Holland and learn about the region’s history and geography with this activity. This is holland flying experience also includes a variety of special effects and physical stimuli to make your flying session seem very real.

It is a 5D flight experience which uses the best in class and latest technology. Around 40 people can enjoy this activity at once, as they are suspended in front of a huge domed screen, with their hands and feet swinging freely. A typical flight lasts for 9 minutes, and takes you through many attractions across the country, complete with effects like smell, wind and mist, which make the flight seem real.

One of the best highlights of this flight includes the beautiful views of the landscapes of Netherlands that you can enjoy, which is known for its unique flat patchwork quilt-like terrain. Some of the attractions that you can see during this is holland Amsterdam activity includes the famous tulip fields, the Wadden Sea, the canals as well as the Veluwezoom national park.


Opening Hours - This is Holland is open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Entrance Fees - The entrance fees for this is holland Amsterdam is €18.50 or INR 1,542.54 for adults. For children aged 12 and below, the entrance fee is €14.50, or INR 1,209.02.

Address and Route - This is Holland is located in Overhoeksplein 51, 1031 KS Amsterdam. It is easily accessible by public transport as well as private cars. To reach This is Holland:

  • By Ferry: The nearest ferry stop to This is Holland is Buiksloterweg. You can avail free shuttle ferry ride to Buiksloterweg from the Amsterdam Central Station to the north shore of the river IJ.
  • By Car: You can take the IJ tunnel and then the A10 Circular Road or Ringweg A10 route to get to This is Holland, and park in the garage between This is Holland and the Eye Film Museum.
  • By Bus: You can avail buses travelling on lines 35 and 38 and stop near This is Holland.
  • AccessibilityThis is Holland is accessible to people with disabilities, such as those who visit this place in wheelchairs or walkers. Electric wheelchairs as well as scooters, which have a maximum width of 90 centimetres are also allowed into the experience. This is Holland also has a separate restroom for people with disabilities.


  • It is advisable not to bring any outside food or drinks at this attraction
  • You must ensure that children visiting with you are over 4 years of age, and have a height of at least 100 centimetres
  • It is advisable to those recovering from any back or neck surgery, or having epilepsy to avoid participating in the experience
  • Ensure that you are not taking any photos or videos of the flight experience, since it is prohibited
  • It is recommended not to bring pets to the attraction, since they will not be allowed entry


Is it important to Book This is Holland Tickets in advance?

    Yes, it is important to book This is Holland tickets in advance. Being a popular attraction, the tickets to this experience tend to get sold out pretty quickly, so pre-booking them in advance will help you secure your slot.

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