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This is Holland is not just any ride but an experience that overwhelms all your senses. This 9-minute simulated flight experience takes you on an unforgettable journey over the Netherlands and showcases its unique features. It is one of the most popular attractions in Amsterdam and offers an amazing insight into the culture, beauty and diversity of this beautiful country.

The entire This is Holland experience lasts for about 60 minutes and it has 4 different shows - The Netherlands in the past; The Netherlands of today; The 5D Flight Experience; Holland Lounge. The highlight of the entire attraction is the 5D Flight experience. What makes this flight experience a truly memorable affair is the spellbinding special effects used. The wind, the mist, the thunderstorms, the scents and the sensation of flying is unbelievably real.

Besides the ride and shows, there is a coffee corner within the premises where you can indulge in some refreshments after your visit.

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** Location**Located on the northern bank of river IJ, This is Holland is a circular building that is standing by the Eye Film Museum, opposite to Central Station, and A’DAM Lookout, in Amsterdam.

Opening HoursThis is Holland is open everyday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Facilities at This is Holland

Facilities at This is Holland

This is Holland premises has facilities for wheelchairs, prams, etc. There are lifts at the entrance for the use of disabled guests. Visitors have access to lockers which are at the entrance, where you can keep your baggage and other things that you do not need during the program. However, the lockers do not have space for large luggage such as suitcases, big duffel bags, folding bikes, prams or strollers. Although pets are not allowed, well trained service dogs are allowed within the premises with the guests. Business parties, children's parties and all kinds of get togethers can be organized at the premises of This is Holland.


What is unique about This is Holland?

    The cutting edge Virtual Reality and augmented technologies at the 5D flying experience makes ‘This is Holland’ a unique place to visit. You can experience mist, wind, scents, thunderstorms and the amazing sensation of flying in the air as if they were real. There are altogether 4 different shows that are truly unique. These are The Netherlands in the past; The Netherlands of today; and The 5D Flight Experience; Holland Lounge

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Are lockers available inside This is Holland?

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