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This is Holland is a 5D Flight experience that takes you on a trip to Netherlands’ best and most famous sites. If you are visiting Amsterdam for a few days but wish to know everything about the Netherlands, then you must add This is Holland Amsterdam to your itinerary. Within an hour of taking the flight, you will learn everything there is to know about Amsterdam.

The entire show is of around one hour that is divided into 4 parts, including the 5D flights of 9 minutes. In the first part, you will be taught how the Netherlands was formed and how the country below sea level came into existence after the people stood, fought against water and were determined to save their lands. In the second part, you will be taught about the cultures and traditions of the Netherlands, the typical Dutch cultures, and festivals like the national festival Koningsdag.

In the final section, you will "fly" in a flying simulator surrounded by massive cinema screens. You will be shown everything that the Netherlands has to offer, such as tulip fields, the royal palace, windmills, and so on. You will feel the breeze on your face, the warmth of the sun, and the fragrance of the flowers. This is a Holland flying experience that will take you on the ultimate tour of the Netherlands.

Features of This is Holland Tickets

This is Holland Flight Experience

This is Holland uses the latest 5D technology to give you the true feeling of flying. You will be made to sit on a flying simulator, surrounded by huge cinema screens, where, with 40 other people, you will be dangling from your seat, with your legs and hands moving freely. The 9-minute-long flying ride will undoubtedly be your favourite part of the day. The ride will take you along every beautiful place the Netherlands has to offer, like the lush green plains, the beautiful tulip fields, the magnificent royal castles, and the huge windmills.

It will give you a sensation of flying in real life as your seat would be moving with every turn and curve and you will be feeling the wind in your hair, the mist on your face, and the fragrance in your nose. The huge screens will definitely make you feel like you can reach the animals and flowers from your seat. The Netherlands is a country that is below sea level, and it is said that the country looks more beautiful if you fly across it, and what better option than This is Holland flying experience.

Making of This is Holland Experience

The making of This is Holland Amsterdam was no joke and it took sweat, tears, and blood to make the now-famous 5D experience. For the images in the movie shown, the team of This is Holland took trips around the country of the Netherlands for 2 years in a helicopter. The helicopter was made to fly at only 8 meters above the ground, with a special camera with fisheye lens. All the weather and climatic conditions were taken into consideration and photoshoots were done of the most beautiful and important 22 places in the Netherlands.

This is Holland Amsterdam was given special permissions by the nature organizers, municipalities, and other important agencies. Due to these special permissions, the team of This is Holland was able to collect the most exclusive images of the Amsterdam canals, skaters on natural ice, the vast fields of tulips, and other traditional Dutch spectacles.

All these breathtaking images are shown during the 9-minute flight. René Merkelbach, a composer and producer, wrote an original song for the film. The music was performed by a 40-piece orchestra and is so unique that it complements the images in the film and enhances your 5D experience.

Know Before You Go This is Holland

Plan a visit
  • Opening hours: This is Holland Amsterdam is open every day from 10 am to 6 pm. The last adventure starts at 6 pm. The timings tend to differ during holidays, so it is advised to check the timing before visiting.

  • Entrance fees: For children up to the age of 12 €14,50 and for adults €18,50. As soon as you book the tickets online, your time slot and date are reserved immediately.

  • Address and route: Overhoeksplein 51, 1031 KS Amsterdam, Netherlands. This is Holland is the circular building located between the A’DAM museum and the EYE film museum.

  • How to Reach:By Train: from Amsterdam Central Station, This is Holland is just 5 minutes walking distance.By Shuttle: From the Amsterdam Central Station, you can fetch yourself a free shuttle ferry Buitsloterweg, and reach This is Holland in just three minutes.

  • Outside food and beverages are not allowed.
  • Children below the age of 4 and height 100 cm are not allowed.

  • Guests recovering from surgery on the back and neck, or people with heart problems and pregnant women are not allowed.

  • This is Holland has a vast choice of restaurants for you to grab a bite.

  • It is not allowed to click pictures and videos.

  • Pets are not allowed.

  • This is Holland is accessible by people in wheelchairs and walkers.

This Is Holland Tickets FAQs

Is it important to book This is Holland tickets in advance?

It is very important to book your This is Holland tickets online in advance. As soon as you book your tickets online, your date and time slot are reserved, and you can have a hassle free experience.

Can we change the time slots of our tickets?

Your This is Holland time slots of the tickets can be changed until an hour ago. You can change them yourself by going to their website. If you are having difficulties or are unable to change your time slots for any reason, you can call them and they will change your time slots for you.

How long does a visit to This is Holland take?

The entire This is Holland experience lasts for around one hour. The entire experience is divided into four parts, which include the 9 minutes long flight. In one hour, you will get to know everything about the Netherlands.

In which language is the experience?

The show in This is Holland is shown in English and Dutch. There are subtitles in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese (on request). However, you must be in a group for this, or a group will be formed based on the number of requests.

Is This is Holland also accessible for disabled people?

This is Holland is accessible for people in wheelchairs and walkers. People with disabilities can also use the lift near the entrance and will be guided by staff.


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